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...Elodie gasped in surprise as the fountain began to sink and disappear into the ground. A swirling blue hole appeared in its place, radiating supernatural power like sound waves. 

Elodie’s breath caught in her throat, and she stumbled backward, her shock giving way to pure panic. Her hands grabbed onto the wall behind her, the world blurring before her eyes. Was this real, or was her imagination just playing tricks on her? All she knew was that they had to get out of there.


Flynn, where was Flynn?


Before she could look around, a strong, magical force began pulling Elodie toward the glowing blue hole. She fell and began grabbing at the dirt with her fists, trying frantically not to fall into the portal... 

“I’m coming!” Flynn ran toward Elodie, reaching for her hand and trying to rescue her.

Elodie was now just inches away from the blue hole. She swiped at Flynn’s hand, but their fingers kept missing each other.

By this point, Elodie’s legs were practically submerged in the hole.

They felt weird and weightless, as if someone had hollowed them out inside. Elodie gripped onto the dirt as tightly as she could, trying to hoist herself up, but then she lost her grip … and she fell into the endless spiraling blue...

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