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Cover Art

James Firnhaber is a freelance illustrator based in Philadelphia. He's done covers for big-name books by big-name authors that we love, so we're thrilled that he worked with us and created such eye-catching, gorgeous art for our book cover and website! 



Sonja K Solter, children's book author, mentored us for twelve weeks and taught us all about revising our novel. Her middle grade novel in verse, When You Know What I Know, is an ILA Honor Book and Colorado Book Award Finalist.


Society of Young Inklings

We wouldn't be where we're at right now without the help of Society of Young Inklings, a non-profit that provides mentorship and publishing opportunities for young writers like us. A special shout-out to Beth Spencewood, Director of Youth Publications, for patiently guiding us through this entire process and Kristen Schwartz for her work on layout and design!


Tons of eyes looked at our numerous drafts, each contributing something to help us grow stronger as writers. It is kind of scary to be putting our imaginations out into the world by publishing this book, but if there is one thing Elodie and Flynn have taught us, it is to take risks, be brave, and be authentic. We're so grateful for all the support you gave us while writing this book and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. 

Enjoying a Read
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