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  • What is a mystic?
    Mystics are vital to life on Twilight Spectrum. They're how spectrals get jobs, get everyday tasks done, and even form their social groups. Those who have mystics are rewarded with praise and approval, those who don't are looked down upon.
  • How many mystics are there?
    There is a large variety of mystics, each one unique, useful, and sometimes dangerous. The mystics listed below are not all represented in The Ember Stone. * rare ** extremely rare
  • Alight
    Can heal spectrals, but if there's poison involved, they're powerless
  • Automine
    Amazing coders and mechanics who can do practically anything with technology if they set their mind to it.
  • Beamer
    The ability to teleport*
  • Bender
  • Blockoff
    Can make themselves or others unable to feel emotions for periods of time**
  • Caller
    Can mimic any noise
  • Channeler
    Can summon, communicate with, and occasionally control spirits*
  • Clearer
    Has the ability to turn invisible
  • Crumbler
    The ability to turn objects to ash or dust
  • Darkit
    Can use Dark Magic**
  • Deadseeker
    Can see and summon ghosts, and use the ghosts to help them fight for limited amounts of time**
  • Dreamer
    Can travel into and other's dreams and nightmares and also has a sleep inducing voice
  • Feartec
    A spectral who can sense fear and inflict it on others*
  • Flicker
    Can control light and can summon electricity from their fingertips
  • Flyer
    Can fly and control the winds
  • Gild
    Can sense and attract precious metals and jewels
  • Hydrotist
    Can control water and ice
  • Levitian
    Have the ability to levitate things and people
  • Lunatone
    Can control stars and moonlight and read them to predict to future
  • Morpher
    Can change their features
  • Muffler
    Can muffle the noises around them
  • Muser
    When a Muser sings it is the most beautiful sound in the Known Universe. Each Muser's voice is unique.*
  • Particlen
    Can turn solid objects into liquids or gasses
  • Psychic
    Can see into the past or future
  • Reader
    Can read minds as well as transmit thoughts, words, and images into other's minds
  • Shadowshrill
    Can control shadows
  • Searer
    Can control fire
  • Seeren
    Can temporarily change what people see around them with illusions but make them look, feel, smell, and sound, and taste like they’re real **
  • Senser
    Can see auras*
  • Shifter
    Can communicate with and shapeshift into a specific animal species that they have a connection with*
  • Sprouter
    Have the ability to control plants and soil
  • Summoner
    Can summon objects within eyesight
  • Tempist
    Can change the temperature or make and control storms
  • Underpasser
    Can make tunnels or move the ground underneath them
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